January musings

Well, January is almost over.  I have not written anything in months.  I have always hated web sites that don't update.  Now I understand. Life gets in the way.  There are only so many hours in the day and where do I want to spend my time? Not on the computer.  I would rather be in my studio, reading a book, teaching, swimming etc....the list goes on.  Every time I get to my website I have to re-learn how to do any thing.  The simplest task that would take my children seconds to figure out can take me hours.  Artist talk about "paper fright", that point when one is ready to put a loaded brush on brand new 300# piece of watercolor paper and the artist starts to panic and sweats blood. (I get that way with 140#).  That to me is less daunting than technology.  

Years ago (at least 20) I attended a seminar on how even the most artistically challenged can be an artist by using the computer.  I don't remember who was sponsoring the program but it was something like Microsoft Word or Adobe Publishing.   The presenters made it look so easy and it was for them.  I was still teaching full time but was gradually moving into art.  The message was everyone could be an artist and all you had to have was a computer.  I knew of a professor at one of the local colleges that felt computer art was the way of the future. That all other art would be marginalized.  I never thought that.  Everyone business it seems wants to go "paperless".   I can not imagine a world of paperless art, no brushes and no paint.